Photos of our Re-blooming Orchid

Photos of our Re-blooming Orchid

Photos of our Re-blooming Orchid

My husband, with help of the divine, makes these amazing flowers re-bloom from dead looking sticks, and I take pictures of them in the changing light. Orchids like these seem like a miracle to me, natural as they are. Is your life like a dry stick full of potential? Just maybe you are about to burst forth into this kind of splendor!

And for all those who want to know the secret to getting these to re-bloom– and since you always ask– my husband recommends good light (ours like western windows) and not over watering. He gives his orchids only one ice cube per week. And he is patient, expectant, and trustful. They seem to always re-bloom for him, but to have 13 bloom simultaneously like this one, is a special treat we are enjoying over here right now.

IMG_E7199  IMG_E7236  IMG_E7231  IMG_7245  IMG_E7235  IMG_E7237  IMG_7237  IMG_7242  IMG_E7207  IMG_7246  IMG_E7219  IMG_E7226

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  1. Cheryl 6 years ago

    Wow Polly. What beauty! You are an incredible photographer.

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