Kallie and Kameron’s Rehearsal Dinner Photos

Kallie and Kameron’s Rehearsal Dinner Photos

Kallie and Kameron's Rehearsal Dinner Photos

We flew to Texas for the wedding of Kallie and Kameron. Kallie is a cousin in my husband’s large, warm family. We love to be with this whole crew. We flew into Amarillo at 2am after a long delay in Dallas, and then threw ourselves into the pre-wedding festivities shown in this post. The rehearsal dinner was held in a lovely place in gorgeous weather– perfect for the photography shown below. The bride’s rehearsal dinner dress was worn by her mother at her own rehearsal dinner. 

This bride and groom have known each other since high school, and have been together all those intervening years, even though they were apart in different colleges and master’s programs. Lots of love radiated on this occasion from all directions, as you can see.

Tomorrow I’ll have wedding pictures to show…

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