Photos from Kallie and Kameron’s Wedding Day

Photos from Kallie and Kameron’s Wedding Day

Photos from Kallie and Kameron's Wedding Day

Kallie and Kameron’s wedding was lovely. First we had a wedding day brunch hosted by my husband’s Aunt Clara, grandmother of the bride. Then we drove out to the church in Friona, Texas– where both the bride’s mother and grandmother had been married– for the wedding itself. The venue for the wedding was lovely, and each place setting had different estate sale china. The first dances were touching, and the couple left in a horse drawn carriage. There was so much joy and we all loved being together.

IMG_7104  IMG_7105  IMG_7107  IMG_7111  IMG_7112  IMG_7141  IMG_7114  IMG_7148  IMG_7144  IMG_7152  IMG_7147  IMG_7157  IMG_7162  IMG_7164  IMG_7166  IMG_7173  IMG_7187  IMG_7191  IMG_7200  IMG_7210  IMG_7224  IMG_7229  IMG_7235  IMG_7237  IMG_7238  IMG_7240  IMG_7242  IMG_7250  IMG_7262  IMG_7279  IMG_7286  IMG_7327  IMG_7335  IMG_7347  IMG_7354  IMG_7351  IMG_7368  IMG_7360  IMG_7371  IMG_7375  IMG_7387  IMG_7394  IMG_7404  IMG_7424  IMG_7427  IMG_7434  IMG_7436  IMG_7446  IMG_7442  IMG_7534  IMG_7449 (1)  IMG_7437  IMG_7456  IMG_7461  IMG_7469  IMG_7473  IMG_7475  IMG_7479  IMG_7480  IMG_7481  IMG_7482  IMG_7487  IMG_7491  IMG_7504  IMG_7510  IMG_7526  IMG_7541  IMG_7607  IMG_7560  IMG_7630  IMG_7637  IMG_7654 IMG_7715  IMG_7789  IMG_7825

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  1. anne merriam 7 years ago

    Dear Polly
    Your Texas photographs of family friends and festivities are fantastic. p.s. And your dress is cool too! xx Anne

  2. Cheryl 7 years ago

    Lovely! They picked the right time of year to get married in the Panhandle. I went to college in Lubbock just south of Amarillo. It can get very hot and dusty in the summer months.

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