Other Photos from Memorial Day Weekend

Other Photos from Memorial Day Weekend


Yesterday I showed you the photos I took at the Chihuly exhibit at the New York Botanical Gardens; here are the other photos I took over the holiday weekend.  This post shows a bit of life around here– nothing special in one way, but everything wonderful in another. I am so grateful for the beautiful life I lead.

Yes, those amazing irises and orchids in this post are the outcome of my husband’s prowess. We bought some roses, vegetables, and herbs to plant in the garden, but then it rained so they are not in yet…

I visited the cows at New Pond Farm. We had a fabulous food truck egg sandwiches Saturday morning, and went out for pastries after church on Sunday. I went with friends to eat eggplant parmesan and buy fresh Italian pasta on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. I took a walk in Ridgefield before church on Sunday morning. The rest of the time (while it rained) I worked or painted…

Hope you all had a lovely weekend as well.

IMG_8348  IMG_8914  IMG_1020 IMG_8909  IMG_8855  IMG_8871  IMG_8219  IMG_8863  IMG_8875  IMG_8835  IMG_8872  IMG_8250  IMG_8263  IMG_8353   IMG_8364  IMG_8269  IMG_8324  IMG_8365  IMG_8390  IMG_8367  IMG_8372  IMG_8369  IMG_1008 IMG_1041  IMG_1042  IMG_1037  IMG_8832  IMG_1080    IMG_8873 IMG_1013  IMG_0995

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