Art Expo New York 2017

Art Expo New York 2017

Art Expo New York 2017

James and I had a great time going into New York City for the Art Expo last Saturday. 

It was my distinct pleasure to meet and chat with Claire Desjardins, who you may remember featured on my blog. I have enjoyed and followed her work for a long time. I recommend following her on Instagram and checking out her website here. She is exuberant and wonderful, even wearing her artwork on her legs! And I love that photo of her with the three red “sold” dots over her shoulder…

My favorite photographer in the show was Zsuzsanna Luciano, pictured below with her marvelously stunning image of America’s oldest oak. That photo stopped them from building a highway next to it that would jeopardized its roots! This is why she calls herself a “conservation photographer.” She’s a radiant human being, I hope be able to support her career in some practical way.

There were not many landscape painters represented in this show, but my favorite one was Samir Sammoun. See some of his work below and check out his website here.

I was blown away by the Ardmore Ceramic Art from South Africa. Check out some photos of their work below as well as on their website here. Each piece was sculpted by one artist and painted by another. The detail was amazing!

Below the ceramics, see emerging artist Madeleine Anne Cohen, as well as work by others that I enjoyed…

IMG_6323  IMG_6332  IMG_6329  IMG_6330  IMG_6334  IMG_6336  IMG_6337  IMG_6352  IMG_6357

IMG_6374  IMG_6372  IMG_6376  IMG_6375  IMG_6389  IMG_6385  IMG_6386  IMG_6387  IMG_6388  IMG_6344  IMG_6340  IMG_6349  IMG_6379  IMG_6341  IMG_6320  IMG_6345  IMG_6321  IMG_6318  IMG_6368  IMG_6338  IMG_6365  IMG_6316  IMG_6369  IMG_6315

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  1. Cheryl 7 years ago

    If we get a painting class off the ground, I want you to teach me to paint like Samir.


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