Book Review: 100 Ways to Motivate Others

Book Review: 100 Ways to Motivate Others


Last weekend, when I drove out of state and back, I chose this to listen to in the car, never expecting to like it so much. If you have a business CEO or sales manager on your Christmas list, this would be a great gift for them! But so many others of us can benefit from this as well, such as homeschooling mothers or workers in any church or volunteer organization.

It is written in a pithy, direct style, without any extra fluff, complete with a lot of great quotes. It was pleasant to agree with the advice put forward, which at times I thought was rather enlightened. (For example: don’t try to manage people; manage agreements instead. Yeah!) I also got some ideas that I can put into practice and get immediate benefit from.

I liked this so much that listening to it again or getting the book to underline would probably be a good idea. I noted they also have a book of 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself, which bears checking out as well. 

I give this inspired, concise, short, list-style book five stars. Give it a read and put it into practice!


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