Visiting the Cleveland Art Museum

Visiting the Cleveland Art Museum

The Cleveland Art Museum

I was delightfully surprised by how marvelous the Cleveland Art Museum is. We visited the museum last week while we were nearby celebrating my sister’s birthday. They have one of my favorite Van Gogh paintings! Who knew? (See the full work as well as some details below.) They also have the famous Thinker by Rodin. And the architecture is magnificent, with a modern addition arching over to include the historic portion. Check out my photos in this post, and if you are ever in the Cleveland area, I recommend stopping by and checking it out! Admission is free!

IMG_6108  IMG_6109  IMG_6110  IMG_6102  IMG_6076 (1)  IMG_6105   IMG_6100  IMG_6103  IMG_6095 - Version 2  IMG_6118  IMG_6121  IMG_6127  IMG_6134  IMG_6135  IMG_6133  IMG_6126  IMG_6120  IMG_6117  IMG_6099  IMG_6097  IMG_6114  IMG_6119  IMG_6125  IMG_6123  IMG_6129  IMG_6137

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  1. Cheryl 7 years ago

    Thank you Polly for sharing this marvelous museum. Who knew Cleveland has such a treasure?

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