Photos from Secrest Arboretum

Photos from Secrest Arboretum

Secrest arboretum photos

When visiting my sister and her husband over Easter break, they took us to Secrest Arboretum, which is owned by Ohio State University on a large tract of farmland near Wooster Ohio.

Spring was further along there than here at home so we enjoyed these blooms all that much more. (So glad to report we are seeing these things bloom now here as well! Yay! Spring at last!)

Carved out of a piece of flat prairie, this arboretum was much different than those in the east, with our hills and valleys, and shady trees. This arboretum had all sorts of lovely places to sit and contemplate, like the lovely stone table shown below. Last, below, you can see my older (middle) sister and her husband, who were our hosts.

IMG_6234  IMG_6231  IMG_6193  IMG_6233  IMG_6208  IMG_6197  IMG_6198  IMG_6229  IMG_6236  IMG_6224  IMG_6207  IMG_6215  IMG_6230  IMG_6204  IMG_6209  IMG_6222      IMG_6203  IMG_6206 IMG_6220

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