The Last Word (Movie Review)

The Last Word (Movie Review)

The Last Word (Movie Review)

I enjoyed seeing this new movie starring Shirley McClain last night on a “girls night out.” Not expecting much of this film, it turned out to be way better than I expected it would be.

The main character– played well by McClain– is a prickly person who tries to get the newspaper obituary writer to write her obituary while she is still alive. But when researching her life, the obituary writer finds that nobody has anything good to say about her. So as they set out to have something to write, the story unfolds in ways that reveals her true character as something very different. 

There is quite a bit of wisdom tucked away here. For example, you’ve got to take some risks in life, for otherwise nothing will happen. Most people would risk doing something stupid, so why not risk being brilliant instead? Strive to live up to your potential already! And please, have a meaningful day instead of “have a nice day.”

There were a couple laugh out loud moments here, and several endearing ones.  I give this movie four stars. Check out the trailer here, or better yet, skip seeing the trailer and be more surprised as the events in the movie proceed, like I was, coming in completely open and uninformed. This added to my delight at what transpired. 

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