Nice Article about our Older Daughter’s Work

Nice Article about our Older Daughter’s Work


Last week, St. John’s College in Annapolis, MD, where our older daughter got her undergraduate degree, put out a really nice article about her. You can read it here. It explains what she does for her job and how she got there. (As many of you know, she also was homeschooled from 3rd through 12th grade.) Her college is proud of what she has accomplished and so are we!

Her 2017 analysis of the childcare and preschool proposals that they mentioned came out last week can be seen here. Such diligence, organization, perception and attention to detail this work takes! With all the badgering of government one hears these days, it bears pointing out that there is ongoing rigorous work being done by altruistic, unelected public servants at every level of the system.

The qualities and strengths our daughter brings to her work are very impressive, and our kudos go out to her. The three aspects of her job: listening carefully to constituents and hearing their needs, number crunching the budget analysis stuff (she juggles millions and billions of dollars, and writes 700 line statistics programming code to evaluate proposals), and then presenting her findings to the legislature and the public both in writing and verbally– requires a diversity of abilities that don’t often coincide within one person’s skill set. Virginia is excellent at all three, and thrives in each of these different phases of her job. She says they bring a much needed balance and diversity to her year.

Last Friday, she was interviewed on TV, and she regularly testifies for the legislature (which I show a screen shot of one instance from last year below)…  I thank God every day for guiding, guarding and governing this wonderful young woman in every way.

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 7.21.25 PM


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  1. Cath Fraise 7 years ago

    Congratulations Polly and Virginia! What a lovely article and post about her great work. She is a very hard worker and dedicated citizen. What a great role model!

  2. Jobina 7 years ago

    So grateful for the dedication of both you and Virginia!
    Very inspiring!

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