We Harvested our First Homegrown Brussels Sprouts

We Harvested our First Homegrown Brussels Sprouts

harvested homegrown Brussels sprouts

Over the weekend, when my husband posted on Facebook the above photo of him harvesting our first homegrown Brussels sprouts, it exploded with likes. It got more likes than our 25th wedding anniversary! And in the scores of comments, what surprised me was how many folks had never seen how they grow. It was a revelation to them.

So for those of you that don’t know: Brussels sprouts grow on a stalk. You pinch off the bottom leaves as they grow, leaving the top 6 inches of leaves. Then about September 1st you pinch off the top bud so the stalk doesn’t grow any higher and all the plant’s energy goes into making the little buds we call sprouts.

They are fun to grow, and delicious roasted (see my recipe here). Give it a try!




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  1. Julie Yates 9 years ago

    This is amazing! I am so impressed!

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