Recent Black and White Photos

Recent Black and White Photos

recent black and white photos

Here are the black and white photographs I have taken recently. I love the sharp contrast between black and white and the whole range of subtle grays. 

The last photo below shows me having the delight of meeting one of our daughters’ favorite children’s book authors, Gail Carson Levine, author of Ella Enchanted. She’s a tiny, elf-like, wonderful woman.

img_4229     img_2455    img_4226 img_4265  img_4036 img_3987 img_4228 img_3783  img_4230 img_8338 img_2321  img_4263 img_2248  img_4039img_2268  img_4227 img_3781  img_4266 img_2155  img_4030 img_3991 img_7625  img_2793  img_7912  img_4267 img_3837  img_3807  img_3863-version-2     img_3788  img_8001  img_7633 img_4024 img_7471

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