Visiting Van Gogh Up Close

Visiting Van Gogh Up Close

Van Gogh up close, close up photos of van Gogh paintings

While at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City on Monday for the Jerusalem Exhibit, I made a pilgrimage to some of my favorite paintings by Van Gogh. The impasto nature of the brushstrokes on these works is what particularly draws me to them, and I wanted to study them up close. In this post you can see photos of my devoted examination of these precious paintings. I will be emulating his thicker, more textured use of oils in the coming year.

img_4174  img_4173    img_4171  img_4168  img_4166  img_4165  img_4164-1  img_4178  img_4176  img_4145  img_4133  img_4138  img_4136  img_4135  img_4122  img_4132  img_4143  img_4142  img_4141  img_4146    img_4130  img_4128  img_4126  img_4125  img_4123  img_4124  img_4182  img_4183

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