Food at the Islesford Dock

Food at the Islesford Dock

Islesford dock food

Gathering at the Islesford Dock for meals during our workshop made the whole time hold together. The food, the people. and the ambiance were terrific, and this place made it all happen seamlessly.

I wish I had gotten a photo of the owners, Dan and Cynthia. They have built something wonderful here. They pampered us with spicy ginger brew, appetizers, and three delicious meals a day. This year the last two workshops were  given not so much because Ashley is 93, or Henry is retiring to focus on commissions, as the fact that this iconic place is closing after a fabulous long run. 

This restaurant has been a destination for foodies and celebrities alike for 28 years. This last summer season the restaurant was booked before the summer even started. And they had just closed on Labor Day, only to turn around and feed our workshop as they had for many years, but now for the last times.

Check out the photos below of the mossy door, the exceptional views, the lovely setting, the kitchen garden, and quaint flower arrangements. Check out some of the food, including a lobster dinner for everyone on our last night there. My own food is so good that usually eating elsewhere is a disappointment, but not here. I enjoyed every bite and will be sorry not to be able to do it again, or recommend it to you. Maybe Cynthia will send me her parmesan cheesecake recipe and I can share it with you all?

Interestingly, I had just gotten home in time to give the 9/11 Invocation here, and as I sat next to the Methodist minister who was to give the remarks during the service, we were making small talk. I mentioned I had just gotten back from Maine, and he asked me where I was. I said on Little Cranberry Island. A little dumbstruck on the smallness of the world, he told me that his son had just spent the summer working there at the Islesford Dock Restaurant, pleased to be cooking for restaurant goers like Martha Stewart and her entourage.

Meanwhile, I had been eating there the previous week for every meal…

And be sure to check out tomorrow’s blog post of the sunset photos I took from this incredible location.

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