Bits and Clips for May 2016

Bits and Clips for May 2016

May 2016 bits and clips

This list of links is a monthly blog feature of the best I read or saw on the internet since the last bits and clips post. I hope you find something here that is helpful, interesting, inspiring, motivating, or thought-provoking:


Senate Passes Act That The Arts Are Considered Core Subjects

25 Samples of perfect Penmanship

Underpainting for Pastel: Complimentary Alcohol Wash Part 1

Underpainting for Pastel: Complimentary Alcohol Wash Part 2

Underpainting for Pastel: Complimentary Alcohol Wash Part 3


Astonishing Bug Close-ups


Why Prayer Appeals to Americans

Honoring Selflessness

1 Million Children Meditating for World Peace in Thailand

Eliminate Anger

Spiritual Poise– a Promise

The Mothering Quality of Peacemaking

Tale of Two Seas (video)


If 100 People Lived on Earth (video)

Bladeless Wind Turbines

Teach Girls Bravery Not Perfection

The Secret to Raising Great Teenagers

Humans of New York Open Letter to Donald Trump

If Not Trump, What?

No, Not Trump, Not Ever

These 13 Towns In Connecticut Have The Most Breathtaking Scenery In The State

These 10 Hiking Spots In Connecticut Are Completely Out Of This World

25 Reasons Connecticut Is Basically Heaven On Earth

A Conversation with Whales

Sheryl Sandberg’s 2016 Commencement Address at University of California, Berkeley

Putting Grit in Its Place

18 Incredible Hikes Under 5 Miles Everyone In Vermont Should Take

1200 Free Online Courses from Top Universities

Five smart travel hacks only frequent flyers know

Millennial Living with Parents (it’s just not about the Economy)

Elizabeth Gilbert: Proof that Perception Is Everything

9 Elephants in the (Class)Room That Should “Unsettle” Us


11 Tips on Writing from author Jandy Nelson

On the Heartbreaking Difficulty of Getting Rid of Books


Where to Invade Next?


Fruit Tabbouleh

The Seven Minute Egg

How to Cook Artichokes

One of Boston’s best known bakers just won a James Beard Award


My Alphabet Soul A to H: Poems—Betsy Sholl

Poetry books by Luci Shaw

Hold Fast to Dreams by Langston Hughes

and Hope:

10 Years After An Inconvenient Truth Al Gore May be Winning

History Has Been Made. Female Genital Mutilation Banned In Nigeria.

Germany Opens 62-Mile Bicycle Highway That’s Completely Car-Free

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