Our Son Graduates from Swarthmore with High Honors

Our Son Graduates from Swarthmore with High Honors


We have had a wonderful weekend at our son’s graduation from Swarthmore College. He earned a double degree in Engineering and Political Science, and was awarded high honors as well! We are very proud of what he has accomplished and are grateful he has had such a fantastic college experience.

His older sister flew to Philadelphia from California for the occasion. (His younger sister would have liked to be there, but was on a school trip to the southwest, and was unable to come.) Together, we met his friends and their families, met professors in and out of departmental functions, went to a baccalaureate service as well as commencement exercises, toured the amazing flower gardens, ate a lot of food, and even enjoyed a graduation fireworks show. It was a lovely celebration of four years well spent.

In the photos below you can see our son walk across the stage twice, once in his mortarboard for his Political Science degree (BA), and once in a hard hat for his Engineering degree (BS), for which he was the last to walk across the stage in the entire event. (Applause was held to the end so the crowd went wild.) And he was mentioned during the class speech as having done 29 all-nighters in his 4 years here! Then after the commencement, you can see photos of him both with us and his friends.

I also co-opted a few photos from his Facebook page. There is a photo of the hardware that our son used for his senior engineering project, where he used Bayesian computer vision tracking of human trajectories to predict the future movements of people, as well as a photo of him (and his project partner who is off to work at Google) all suited up, presenting the project. In another photo, you can see him with his friends out to dinner after finals a couple weeks ago. And also you can check him out in a photo with Bill Clinton, taken about a month ago.

Our son will work for an engineering design firm near Swarthmore, heading up a team he just hand picked and hired to finish up two projects he started last summer that will hopefully culminate in a patent. He is also looking forward to his girlfriend returning back to the states soon; she has been gone for a junior year semester abroad studying particle Physics in Spain (so she is in none of these photos).

I am so grateful our son had this amazing opportunity to be at this remarkable school. I am doubly glad he availed himself so well of all it had to offer. We wish him well on all his future plans and endeavors. It feels great as a parent knowing your offspring is so well equipped to go forward. Thank you God.

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  1. Liz 8 years ago

    Wonderful photos! You had a great day! Congratulations to your son (you don’t mention his name, and my memory isn’t serving well!!) I know how proud you are! Sounds like he’s off to good things too. God is good!

  2. Patricia Campbell 8 years ago

    Wow!!! I can’t believe he’s graduated already!

    Congratulations Andrew!!! What amazing (though not surprising) accomplishments!

    Congratulations to Mom & Dad, too!

  3. Joe Herring 8 years ago

    A tribute to the scholar and to his home schooling!

  4. Jamie 8 years ago

    Could that be true Polly? Has it been four years already? Gosh, it honestly feels like we only wished him good luck and fun adventures when he was going TO college. My, my, my goodness. Are you sure Polly he didn’t just accomplish this in only one year? Yes, that must be it, because I cannot accept the fact that four years went by that quickly. After all, that would mean I would have to admit to being four years older now, wouldn’t it? So, I won’t gosh darn it, I won’t! So, my heartfelt congratulations Andrew for earning TWO degrees with HIGH honors in only ONE year! ;)


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