Book Review: Little Pink House

Book Review: Little Pink House

Little Pink House

This book was exceptional; I give this audio version five stars.

This is a true story of the Supreme Court’s baffling decision in the Kelo case to uphold arbitrary seizure and demolition of anyone’s private property by eminent domain to be handed over to private developers. This remains the most controversial ruling by the Supreme Court since the Row vs. Wade, and it all took place right under our noses here in Connecticut. While a sobering look at corruption of power, greed and precedent in our state and nation, this book is mostly about the hard fought triumph of an ordinary woman against all odds.

The characters in this story, while factual, seem to be right out of the movies. This actually would be a good movie, I think, on the order of Erin Brockovich, although completely different. As each twist and turn unravels, it reads like unbelievable fiction, but instead is carefully and fairly reported nonfiction.

This is the story of Suzette Kelo, who had the gumption not to be cowed or railroaded. Even after the Supreme Court’s decision, she answered to a higher court, and helped most of the nation see that same light. She’s like Rosa Parks who by a simple, principled refusal, has gone down in history. I admire and applaud her.

The epilogue clinches the whole book, but I won’t say more so you can enjoy reading it too. I will say that my state is one of the few in the nation not to reverse this ruling. Any day my town could strip me of my house and land and give it to someone who would turn it into “economic development” which paid higher taxes. Appalling but true.

I’m glad I read this compelling, interesting book and think you will be too.




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