Projects and Divine Mind’s Direction

Projects and Divine Mind’s Direction

Projects and Divine Mind's Direction

I loved reading an article recently by Mara Purl in the 3/13/17 Christian Science Sentinel (see here) where she compares approaching projects from the perspective of steering a brisk sailboat– with exhilaratingly full sails– to the less effective, drudgery laden perspective of pushing a heavy boulder slowly up a steep hill.

Which one of these approaches we choose makes a huge difference, not only in how we feel during the process, but in the quality of the outcome as well.

Similarly, we learn in Christian Science to choose which basis of thought to work out from. The limited, faulty, ego based thought Christian Science dubs “mortal mind.” It can be likened to that boulder pushing approach. The article says, “This so-called mortal mind begins with ‘nothing’—a blank page, an empty canvas, an unpopulated task list. As we face this apparent void, we can easily feel inadequate to fill it. Indeed, how could someone hope to fill a vast, empty space?” With limitation as the basis of our thinking, we are insecure about both our own capability and the desirability of the outcome. The effect is immobilizing.

Have you ever felt paralyzed as you attempted to begin a project? If so, you are approaching it with this lower level, inherently disabled, mortal mind. Fortunately, there is another, more effective option of where to source our actions.

The divine Mind, God, is the Creator of the universe, and actually made each one of us. You –yes you!–are co-existent with that divine Mind. That means you can’t be separated from the source of all wisdom, ability, tenacity, brilliance, perspicacity, insight, flexibility, originality and strength. You always have at hand whatever is necessary to do whatever you need to do. Step by step, intuition– or what we call spiritual sense– will guide you if you listen to it.

We need to tune out the recurring fearful suggestions that “mortal mind is broadcasting, and tune into what [the divine] Mind is saying.”

Doing this makes all the difference in whatever project you are working on. Let it not be about you, or what you think, and instead, let it be about God, and what that divine Mind understands. The more you practice doing this, the more straightforward doing it becomes.

Start with easy ways. Ask the divine Mind a simple questions, “Do I need to bring an umbrella today?” Listen to your intuition (spiritual sense) answer. If you are silencing the chatter and white noise of moral mind enough, you’ll clearly know the answer, and it will be right.

Do the same thing step by step with your bigger, more important projects. You won’t be guided in the wrong direction and you never have to actually come up with anything yourself. You just have to tune in to the clarity of what already exists in the kingdom of heaven. The divine Mind knows both you and your projects as complete and well done. Why not bring that out instead of the inferior product of self-engrandized flailing around?

Align with your Creator. Get yourself out of the way. Reflect your higher source. It’s easy. And fun. Glide instead of trudge. Work out from perfection instead of up to it.  Let God bring you and your projects forward. Enjoy the refreshing breeze of unselfed accomplishment. Thrive in a joyous friendship and collaboration with the divine. Keep your solidarity with the most high kindled in every detail of your work.



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