Recent Black and White Photos

Recent Black and White Photos

Black and White Photography

Here are the black and white photos I’ve taken recently… Enjoy!

IMG_0346  IMG_0474  IMG_0656  IMG_0689  IMG_9264  IMG_0062    IMG_0403  IMG_2300 IMG_8771      IMG_1441  IMG_2804   IMG_2722  IMG_1362  IMG_0710    IMG_0925  IMG_1573 - Version 2  IMG_2309  IMG_1580 IMG_2381

IMG_0881  IMG_9357 IMG_1564   IMG_0873 IMG_1540

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  1. Mary Jo Beebe 9 years ago

    Hi Polly! These photos are lovely–and dramatic. Do you use a graphics program with any of your photos to enhance them or are they all in the raw?

    • Author
      Polly Castor 9 years ago

      Straightforward and raw, but I also have a very good camera. I’m glad you liked them. I like the compositional challenge of black and white and how well it does with textures, but love color more!

  2. Ginny 9 years ago

    I love these photos ! Absolutely some of my favorites !

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