Creative Arts Camp in Haiku

Creative Arts Camp in Haiku

Camp Newfound in Maine

Saw an aerial of camp / The excitement is mounting / So glad I go soon.

It’s a miracle / With all that’s happened this year / That I got to come.

So good to see friends / Old ones and new ones alike / We’ll have lots of fun.

Buffed, young, and leggy / My silversmithing teacher / Is gorgeous and great.

She is very Danish / On fire with kindness and grace /Spiritually strong.

I am tucked away / In a cabin in the woods / Quietly private.

Constant gurgling / The lapping waters ebb and flow / A throaty loon calls.

Sunrise meek and mild / Rosy fingered dawn right here / I’ll take some photos.

With sparkling weather / The week will be a fine one / We will swim and romp.

So glad to be back / It has been many years now / Coming to this camp.

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