My Birthday 2015

My Birthday 2015



I’ve had a nice day, full of Facebook love, phone calls, messages, and texts. Thank you for all your good wishes! I had a busy work day too so we fit my celebration in around the edges. James made a Gougere for breakfast (above), which I love, and took me out for a great dinner tonight, whose restaurant I plan to review tomorrow.

For gifts, I received a larger Gelatin plate (to do larger ones of these) and some mono-printing paints from James. My sisters, respectively, gave me a Lands End gift card and a Coleman camp stove. The camp stove Laura & I plan to utilize next summer during a graduation camping trip to Yosemite (leaving my husband home to hold down the fort).

Mary Baker Eddy says in her wonderful book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, “Time is measured according to the good that is unfolded.” Any of my blog readers know that a lot of good is unfolding… Thanks for being here to share it all with me.

Here’s to another marvelous trip around the sun together!


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