Hike Photos from Huntington State Park (April 2022)

Hike Photos from Huntington State Park (April 2022)

I’ve been grateful for the warmer temperatures, which enable me to walk again, although many days have been hampered by rain. The rain, however, is greening the landscape as we begin to see in these photographs.

I take them partially as a mindfulness exercise, and mostly as considerations of abstract compositions. Often, later, I use them as reference photos to consult for ideas when painting. This post is the rich overflow of those motives, where I can share with you how I see my world.

Which is to say, I am attentive to it. I plumb its diverse perspectives. I rejoice in its beauty, and marvel at its complexity, variety, and regularity.

Thank you for coming along side me as we walk here in the fresh unfolding of early spring.























































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  1. Lynne 2 years ago

    Thank you for focusing in on and capturing the little things we so often pass by and/or take for granted.

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