New Poem: Psalm of Thanksgiving and Praise

New Poem: Psalm of Thanksgiving and Praise

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Psalm of Thanksgiving and Praise

I could never fit
all I’m grateful for in one poem
like God could never squeeze
into only one place or perspective
but has to be everywhere on all sides
omnipotent, infinite, staggeringly tremendous,
variegated, and full-to-overflowing…

My praise is in all the innumerable, daily,
but not-so-little things, like hands and eyes
that are immensely, intensely important
never taken for granted for a moment
but seem small next to the enormity of
unconditional love and profound peace,
reliable and steadfast, essential,
like air and trees, sun and seas…

What can I do but bow in honor of
the gloriously sublime divine
from whom all our blessings flow:
who gives us our family and friends,
color, harmony, texture, flavor and joy – indeed
the zillions of magnificently beautiful qualities and attributes
that inhabit our hearts and homes, our walk and talk
in an outpouring of maximized manifestation…

Nothing can adequately express the vastness
surrounding, immersing, and supporting us all…
or the potency of the driving force
that energizes and initiates, heals and provides,
that constitutes pure existence,
and governs with justice for all.
How can we adequately express appreciation
for that eternal, supreme beneficence
that actually cherishes each of us individually all the time…

So I am here on my knees,
awed and humbled
by the outrageously ever-present,
boundless benefits received,
singing psalms of thanksgiving and praise
unto the Creator of the universe, they are raised,
who responds graciously, by embracing us with spiritual smiles,
fragrant flowers, delicious meals, and promised progress
in an ongoing, endless cornucopia of good,
gushing, spilling, cascading
way past the edges of this, and every poem.

Thank you God for God!

Polly Castor

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