Our Daughter’s Team Won FIRST Robotics Spirit Award

Our Daughter’s Team Won FIRST Robotics Spirit Award

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FIRST Robotics team 1099 has won the Boston Regional twice since our family was involved (see here on my blog) but that was not to be this year.

The team was challenged this year by underfunding, the loss of an overseeing mentor, no seniors on the team, delay in getting started, snow storm cancellations, and particularly hard requirements for this year’s project. But enthusiasm for the process ran high, particularly from our daughter, whose constant refrain is, “Robotics is awesome!” She can talk about it endlessly.

So given their great attitude, especially given what they were up against, it was very affirming to be recognized by winning the Team Spirit Award for their community involvement and general, practical promotion of FIRST Robotics.

Our daughter loves the hands on aspect of building the robot, was delighted to be “human player” interfacing directly with the robot during the matches, as well as screaming her heart out at top volume throughout robotics events. They must have heard her!

In the photos, here is her team with the trophy and her next to their robot…

If you have any leads on better funding for this team for next year let me know. If they can have so much fun regardless of adverse conditions, we look forward to see what this young team can accomplish in future years.



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