Photos of Today’s Unremarkable Snow

Photos of Today’s Unremarkable Snow

January snow

What is more remarkable than this snow was the 50 degree weather we had last weekend!

These photos were taken as “drive by shootings” with my iPhone on the way home from a clergy meeting about gun control. There are those that think that issue is black and white, while others that think it is all grey. I was pondering this as I drove home, very aware of the predominance of those three tones everywhere I looked, so I comforted myself by focusing on the fact that this can be beautiful.

The photographs on this post are the result and when I downloaded them I noticed there is some color after all – some green and splashes of yellow are out there as you can see below. I translate those as hints of hope.

-untitled-  5920

-untitled-  5913

-untitled-  5933

-untitled-  5915

-untitled-  5950

-untitled-  5924

-untitled-  5929

-untitled-  5944

-untitled-  5934

-untitled-  5912

-untitled-  5942

-untitled-  5908

-untitled-  5936

-untitled-  5943

-untitled-  5945

-untitled-  5949

-untitled-  5953

-untitled-  5957

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