Bananagram Mania

Bananagram Mania


We’ve been playing Bananagrams often since we started six months ago, many days a week playing it after a meal, as a vehicle to spend more time with each other before we scatter back to our separate projects. It punctuates both the end of the meal and even the day itself. Interestingly, our youngest daughter’s spelling has improved enormously doing this. She felt challenged to keep up early on and now she is winning with jar-dropping words like “equestrian” and “thyme”.

Whoever goes out first wins, but we’ve started challenging ourselves to make better words or more interesting configurations and still win. You outgrow three letter words pretty quickly if you play this a lot, and you start seeing text everywhere very differently. To buy the game (click here) on Amazon. We are loving this time together! In these photos are some winning turns…

IMG_1311 IMG_1333 IMG_1422 IMG_1425 _MG_9492 _MG_9649 _MG_9675IMG_1072 IMG_1042 IMG_1049 IMG_1104 IMG_1095 IMG_1483 _MG_0017 IMG_1647IMG_1473 IMG_1315 IMG_1656 IMG_1961 IMG_1164 IMG_1309 IMG_1295 IMG_1665 IMG_1774_MG_1364 IMG_1776 IMG_1769 IMG_1746 IMG_1753 IMG_1748 IMG_1895 IMG_1772IMG_1901 IMG_1899 IMG_1904 _MG_5635 IMG_1907 IMG_1911 IMG_1914 IMG_1996 _MG_5636 IMG_1958 IMG_1740 IMG_1995

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