Movie Review: Tintin

Movie Review: Tintin

Tintin film

It’s my 22nd wedding anniversary today…

We saw Tintin in 3d and enjoyed it. 

I’d give it five stars because I wasn’t expecting much, but my kids – major Tintin devotes from way back – would only give it four stars.  They were too busy comparing it with the books to just let it flow over them.  Stephen Spielberg did a good job as usual, and the animation was just close enough to lifelike not to suggest “cartoon.”  The Thompsons were as ridiculous as they are typecast to be, while Snowy the dog and his owner were as astute as required.  I’d recommend it either now in 3d or as a light movie to stream later when looking for a flick that will span multiple ages.  I find the artwork in these things amazing!  And they left a few clues dangling as teasers for a sequel, that you wouldn’t recognize unless you knew the books…


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