New Vocabulary for Me

New Vocabulary for Me

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One of the advantages of parenting (let alone homeschooling!) is you learn so much! Below are words my 16 year old son is learning that I did not know. Do you know any of these? If you know any, you know more than me!

obloquy: a verbal condemnation or abuse of a person or thing

effluvium: an overflow of vapor of invisible particles, a noxious odor

feint: to pretend to throw a punch, as in boxing; fake show intended to deceive.

palliate: to alleviate or ease pain but not cure; to make appear less serious

propinquity: closeness in time or place; closeness of relationship

sedulous: working diligently; persistent

tumid: swollen; pompous

trenchant: cutting; keen or incisive

captious: disposed to find fault

imprecate: to pray for evil; to invoke a curse

abjure: to give up

abstemious: sparing in use of food or drinks

cloture: a parliamentary procedure to end debate and begin to vote

perquisite: a tip in addition to regular income

termagant: a constantly quarrelsome woman; a shrew

callow: immature

nugatory: trifling; futile; worthless; insignificant

inured: accustomed to pain

doggerel: trivial, inartistic, weakly constructed verse, usually of a comic nature

apposite: suitable; apt; relevant

quiescent: inactive, quiet, at rest


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