Current Flowers Around Here

Current Flowers Around Here


Hearing reports of gloriously blooming fruit trees in Annapolis, and places where their forsythia is bloomed and past, I have to own where our flowers are around here. The crocus have been unremarkable this year, we are on the early side for daffodils, although they are beginning to arrive, and the forsythia is only vaguely budding.

But in my house, my brilliant husband has made yet again another orchid rebloom (blog reader Cath’s Easter present to me last spring) and it greets me every time I enter my office; it is particularly exuberant in early morning sunshine.

Then you can see the tiniest and latest blooming amaryllis we’ve ever had, gracing the front table in my living room. Next, I’m particularly excited about the new blue scilla that we are introducing at the base of the weeping cherry in our front yard. You can see ours and then I’ve included a couple shots of old neighborhood lawns where they have spread and are established; how many years until I too have a deliciously April blue yard?

And lastly, are three photos one day I screeched to a halt to shoot: Dutchman’s Breeches. They were the first flowers we saw from back when the snow melted, and they’ve been going strong ever since which is impressive. My 14 year old daughter correctly identified them off the top of her head; I love it when my children teach me something. Did you know they were Dutchman’s Breeches? Enjoy these, and whatever flowers you have where you are! They are all lovely floral apostles and I’m grateful for them.

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