Book War Over for Another Year

Book War Over for Another Year

 Homeschooling booksYea! So glad this is done, albeit belatedly. Every year I swap out last year’s books for the next year’s homeschooling books. I usually do it in the summer but this year was too busy to get anything but the first two months planned. So I didn’t get to the rest until yesterday.

In the bins shown in the first couple photos below, you can see my organization for my youngest daughter: each month’s reading is in it’s own bin. No hunting for anything required. (When I was doing this for three, the luxury of this organizational option was not possible.) Among other things, my 11th grade son is enjoying The Glory and the Dream shown below, and also there’s a photo of my daughter’s fiction… I’m so thrilled to have banished that enormous pile from my foyer: three big boxes were exiled to the basement, not including those relegated to the to-be-sold category…_MG_5532 _MG_5495 _MG_5496 _MG_5494 _MG_5523 _MG_5553 _MG_5554 _MG_5528 _MG_5548 _MG_5529


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