International Spy Museum in DC

International Spy Museum in DC

Spy Museum in DC

I was so riveted in the International Spy Museum that I didn’t think to take any photos inside. I’ve wanted to go to this museum ever since our kids read the Spy Mice trilogy of YA books, which take place in the museum. The books you can still get secondhand.

This museum is great for kids and adults alike; you get a badge and a “mission” upon entering, and try out a bit of what it takes to be a spy as you go through their fascinating exhibits.

I learned I would not make a very good spy. Even though I am extremely perceptive and observant, I am a bad liar and refuse to do things I don’t want to do (like kill anyone). I can keep my head under pressure, but process too slowly to take in heaps of text and data in the blink of an eye. I might be useful as a code breaker, or a strategist, but probably not in designing covert technology. Also, I’m too idealistic to be a spy, seeing the best in everyone, or at least holding a space for them to improve.

Spying is getting more and more difficult in this increasingly complex world that simultaneously gives us more opportunities, while exposing more vulnerabilities as well.

I found the stories of real spies in the past compelling, and am grateful to all those that put themselves into dangerous situations to protect others from further harm.

I highly recommend visiting this museum if you find yourself in DC.



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  1. K 1 month ago

    A great review
    Always wanted to do this!

  2. Liz 1 month ago

    I love spy movies, but wouldn’t make a good spy either! Great review—didn’t need photos!! 😄

  3. Kami Evarts 1 month ago

    We loved the spy museum too! We got so caught up in all the exhibits that neither of us finished our mission. Fascinating!


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