Book Review: Blue Planet Run

Book Review: Blue Planet Run

Blue Planet Run

Happy Earth Day!

I give this important book a resounding five stars!

My thirteen year old daughter is doing her science fair project on the water crisis; we’ve looked at and/or read most of what is currently published out there on the subject and this is our favorite! (The sticky tabs are facts for my daughter’s project which I have permission from her to post on this blog this coming Sunday, when they are all entered before her fair on Monday.)

This coffee table sized book is a visual treat, with exceptional full page spread photography– each photo worth more than a thousand words. It is truly a global look at the different facets of the problem as well as possible solutions. And while the content is intensely sobering, it has a hopeful message if we listen, for the remedy lies with each of us.

It is incumbent on us all to get involved individually and locally to solve this most pressing challenge of our century. We must understand what the issues are before we can start to effect change, and this reasonably priced, wonderful book is a great way to start. Purchasing (see here) and thoughtfully reading this gorgeous book is a step in the right direction; all of the proceeds are used to bring potable water to people in the world that are perilously in need of it.

 Blue Planet Run


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