Movie Review: Leap Year

Movie Review: Leap Year


I saw the movie Leap Year last night and really liked it. I give it fives stars. Her choice of simple authenticity over money and prestige is a timeless theme I’ll never tire of. I would have liked to have seen this movie all over again right when it was done. (Our audience applauded at the end, so I was not alone in feeling this way.)

Amy Adams did a good job, but was a familiar face to me so that detracted from her portrayal of her character for me a bit. But Matthew Goode I thought was absolutely wonderful. When he delivered the line that fathers should be reliable and should be able to be counted on, how could you not love him? I also loved the line near the end, riddled with irony and laden with triple meaning, “Have you taken care of him?” And I must also mention that the scenery was gorgeous!

I’ve never thought before that I wanted to go to Ireland, and there are a lot of other places already on my travel wish list. But this movie with it’s breathtaking scenery definitely added Ireland as a future destination for me. Meanwhile, as a vicarious excursion, this movie is a delight! You too will be glad you saw it.

Later note: Most people told me that they think this movie is four stars, not five. While I went in with zero expectations, after reading my review they went in with high ones and were not as thrilled. It may have been just what I needed after a difficult week. Anyway, judge it for yourself!


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