My Husband’s Garden

My Husband’s Garden


We are on a corner lot downtown in a small town. We’ve got more sun and fewer deer than most folks around here and our lot is more public as well. Put that together with my husband’s green arm (image of thumb is too small) and we’ve got a great yard for showcasing his talents.

Every year he adds a little something, and this garden is a testament to what can be accomplished in little bits over a long time. He gets all the credit; I just photograph it, arrange it in vases, eat it’s fruits and vegetables, and defer all the frequent compliments to him. We harvested yummy apricots yesterday, but the tomatoes are far behind with all this rain. But we’ve got a lot of peaches coming on…

I’m including these current photos today since our yard in its present state was the inspiration for my newspaper article that comes out tomorrow in the Danbury New Times Forum on Faith column. That will be tomorrow’s blog entry, so these pictures can prep you for for those musings. Meanwhile, enjoy his handiwork like I do all the time! This isn’t even his yard’s best season – I’d have to say May is… And did you notice in the last photo the rocks on the front step that we just brought back from vacation? I didn’t even think to get pictures of the back and south side where the hostas are amazing and flourishing!






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