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  • Crystal cave photos

    Crystal Cave

    By on July 21, 2015

    We enjoyed a tour of Crystal Cave in Sequoia National Park. It is different than the caves we have...

  • Sequoia National Park photos

    In Sequoia National Park

    By on July 20, 2015

    We enjoyed Sequoia National Park very much. We visited the most massive tree in the world– General Sherman –which...

  • homemade fire starters, how to make fire starters

    Our Homemade Fire Starters

    By on July 19, 2015

    Leave the lighter fluid at home and make these instead.

  • Kings River Photos

    Along the King’s River in King’s Canyon

    By on July 18, 2015

    We enjoyed meandering along the King's River in King's Canyon. The rushing sound of this water is one of...

  • In Kings Canyon National Park

    In Kings Canyon National Park

    By on July 17, 2015

    We enjoyed Kings Canyon National Park. It is the deepest canyon in America (far deeper than the Grand Canyon)...

  • Part 2 of the Bike Rack Debacle

    By on July 16, 2015

    So as we were driving between Yosemite and Lake Tahoe, we noticed that one of the two horizontal prongs...

  • Lake Tahoe Emerald Bay

    Short Visit to Lake Tahoe

    By on July 15, 2015

    We enjoyed the Emerald Bay and had fun tooling through the galleries in South Lake Tahoe.

  • northeast Yosemite photos

    Northeast Route from Yosemite to Lake Tahoe

    By on July 14, 2015

    We had a lovely drive northeast through Yosemite to Lake Tahoe. Here are some of my photos along this...

  • Hike to the top of Nevada falls

    Epic Hike to the Top of Yosemite’s Nevada Falls

    By on July 12, 2015

    This awesome hike was epic for me. Labeled "strenuous" by the Parks Department, it earned that reputation with three...

  • Photos of Yosemite

    Back to Yosemite: This Time the Valley

    By on July 11, 2015

    The valley is more populated than other areas of Yosemite, but for good reason. The towering cliffs jutting...

  • Fern Canyon

    By on July 8, 2015

    We enjoyed walking up Fern Canyon in Redwoods National Park where the Jurassic movie was filmed.

  • fun in the coastal redwoods

    Daughters Frolic in the Coastal Redwoods

    By on July 6, 2015

    We had a wonderful time in the trees among the California Coastal Redwoods of Redwoods National Park. We stayed...