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  • New England Robotics Championships, FIRST Robotics NE Championships, FIRST team #1099 Photos, FIRST Championship Photos

    Our Team at the New England Robotics Championships

    By on April 11, 2015

    I had a great time watching our youngest daughter’s FIRST robotics team compete in the New England Robotics Championships...

  • Update on College Applications

    By on April 1, 2015

    April Fool’s Day is the deadline for notification of college acceptances, so now all of our long awaited news...

  • Frame of reference

    Frame of Reference is Important

    By on February 25, 2015

    Things are literally different depending on “the frame of reference” you view them from, and this has been proven...

  • Black & White Photos of Our Daughters

    By on January 3, 2015

    Here are some black and white photos I took of our daughters on New Year’s Eve...

  • Shopping Outlet Sales

    Shopping Outlet Sales with Our Daughters

    By on January 2, 2015

    Our oldest daughter had asked for Banana Republic gift cards for Christmas so she could buy clothes for work,...

  • College Applications Sent off!

    College Applications Are Sent Off!

    By on December 30, 2014

    What a relief it is to be able to say that all of our youngest daughter’s college applications are...

  • Family christmas 2014

    Our Family Christmas 2014

    By on December 25, 2014

    To say I was unprepared for Christmas was an understatement. I had barely even gotten to the grocery store.

  • All Together to Get a Tree

    By on December 22, 2014

    All three of our kids are now home so we finally got a tree...

  • Our Youngest’s Senior Picture

    By on December 8, 2014

    We took our youngest to get her formal senior photos done and here they are...

  • best educational apps

    Best Educational Apps for Students of All Ages

    By on December 5, 2014

    Hope you find something here that teaches you and yours something in a way that you enjoy!


    Our Last SPLASH!

    By on November 23, 2014

    I have brought our kids to this weekend of classes at MIT the weekend before Thanksgiving for thirteen consecutive...

  • teach vocabulary

    Teaching Vocabulary in our Homeschool

    By on October 7, 2014

    Having answered questions on a homeschooling chat-list recently about teaching vocabulary, I thought I’d include my thoughts on the...