Best Poetry Books for Children and Young Adults

Best Poetry Books for Children and Young Adults

Best poetry books for children, best poetry books for young adults, best poetry books for young people

I have been asked recently what poetry books I would recommend for young people. Shown in this post are some of our favorites. All of these would make great gift ideas, or would be perfect for sharing with children and young adults on any occasion. Most of these are beautifully illustrated as well. I recommend starting kids on poetry as early as possible, making it fun, and keeping it coming.  

These books are generally available but don’t forget accessing them as well through interlibrary loan or getting inexpensive (sometimes perfect condition ones) through the independent secondhand sellers on

It is a fortunate child who shares these poems with an adult that cares– firelight, fuzzy blankets, cookies, and hot chocolate, are optional additions for added ambiance…

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