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  • Thoughts on the Tower of Babel

    By on September 28, 2011

      I have studied the story of the tower of Babel before. To me it is a lesson about...

  • Resistance and Oil

    By on September 26, 2011

    I am so grateful to have been to Creative Arts Camp this year! It was just what I needed...

  • Laying Down the Stone

    By on August 14, 2011

      I just want to say that any of you that still have got me on a pedestal, you...

  • Parenting as Stewardship

    By on July 13, 2011

      I’ve recently been speaking with some wonderful women about both parenting and homeschooling. This has underscored for me...

  • My Good Friday Sermon 2011

    By on April 22, 2011

    Each year, I represent my church as one of the seven or eight preachers in our town’s three hour...

  • Dislecksia the Movie

    By on April 7, 2011

    I went to a preview screening of this documentary last night. It was just rough clips of an independent...

  • Tempted by the Devil or Governed by Good?

    By on March 24, 2011

      Many people think both good and bad are real. I’ve even heard people say they are codependent: that...

  • A Lesson from Zelophehad’s Daughters

    By on March 4, 2011

    This week in my Bible study, I have been stunned by the story of Zelophehad’s daughters, which you can...

  • Unconditional Love Moves Past Limitation

    By on February 27, 2011

    Unconditional love is another way of saying “loving the essence” of someone, regardless of what they do or don’t...

  • Bad Editing, Details, and a Smile

    By on January 28, 2011

    I just finished an audio book not good enough to review here. As kids, we had a phase: “Close,...

  • Perseverance Not Human Will

    By on January 23, 2011

    As I’ve said (click here) what you value governs what you are grateful for and therefore what you get...

  • New Year’s Eve…

    By on December 31, 2010

    New Year’s Eve Reflections: As we face the clean slate of a fresh New Year, I ask you: what...