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  • bits and clips

    Bits and Clips for September 2015

    By on September 30, 2015

    I hope you find something inspiring, thought provoking, stimulating, helpful or interesting.

  • September Flowers

    By on September 29, 2015

    I live in a beautiful place and September is a glorious month! Check out these copious blooms...

  • Pope Francis Visits America, moral courage of Pope Francis

    Pope Francis Visits America

    By on September 28, 2015

    I must say that I really appreciate Pope Francis' moral courage, humility, and overall approach to his role.

  • Canoeing in Connecticut

    Canoeing with Nancy

    By on September 27, 2015

    I loved the company, the meandering pace, the reflections, the swirls of plant life under water, even the...

  • Portabella Quinoa pilaf

    Recipe: Herbed Portabella Quinoa Pilaf

    By on September 26, 2015

    This recipe occurred mostly as an excuse to use a the plethora of fresh herbs and peppers we have...

  • Plein air oil painting, Polly Castor landscape oil painting

    New Plein Air Oil Painting: Mossy Bank at Sunset

    By on September 25, 2015

    This is the plein air oil painting I did while at Creative Arts Camp.

  • School Prayer Poem by Ackerman

    Poem by Diane Ackerman: School Prayer

    By on September 24, 2015

    In the name of the daybreak and the eyelids of morning and the wayfaring moon and the night when it departs...

  • Black and White Photos

    Black and White Photos I Took at Camp

    By on September 23, 2015

    Here are the black and white photographs I took while I was at camp...

  • Art by Others at Camp

    By on September 22, 2015

    These are all work by other artists at camp. The drawings at bottom with the washes of watercolor on...

  • Spiritual lessons

    Spiritual Lessons from Camp this Year

    By on September 21, 2015

    Creative Arts Camp each year at Camp Newfound in Maine is always a time to grow spiritually. The supportive...

  • People at Creative Arts Camp 2015

    By on September 20, 2015

    As you have seen in photos, Camp Newfound is a beautiful setting to spend some time in. But what...

  • Night Photos

    More Photos of Camp Newfound 2015

    By on September 19, 2015

    I have been busy with my class here, as well as trying to also paint a plein air oil...