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  • My Article was Reprinted in the Sentinel

    My newspaper article about Christian Science and doctors was reprinted in the August 22, 2011 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel under “Items of Interest.” I was pleased to see this article have “legs,” but was not thrilled with the layout of it on the magazine page. Alas. If you missed it prior, you can read the article here.
  • Resolutions: Up to or Out From (Deep Think #14)

    Act on your resolutions from the spiritual fact looking forward, instead of looking back on human shortcomings and trying to fix them.
  • Thoughts from Covid-19 Isolation (#1)

    Solitude is something to enjoy too, a nurturing thing that gets us beyond the noise of daily static, deep into some soul sustenance.
  • Thoughts about Reducing Polarity

    How the Christian Scientist perspective reduces polarity in society that more may be blessed by emulating.
  • A Eureka About My Body (Putting Down the Weight)

    I really want to take hold of what I'm writing about here, until it transforms my thinking about my body in routinely practical ways.
  • Thinking About My Dad

    I am so grateful for this man and for all the good he did and was!
  • An Alphabet of What God Is and Isn’t

    Studying this list helps remind me to claim my own qualities and attributes that are derived directly from God. 
  • List of Companies Using Genetically Modified Seeds

    You would avoid contaminants and corruption in other ways. Please don't imbibe them in your body.
  • Best of This Blog 2016

    Here is a list, as concisely as I can offer it, of the best of this blog in the past year in links and photos.
  • Thanksgiving Links 2016

    Here are live links to past Thanksgiving features on this blog as well as those to Christian Science Thanksgiving services.
  • Best of 2015

    Here is a summary of my blog year as concisely as I can offer it:
  • How to Navigate My New Website

    Yay! It is finally here... days later than anticipated, but marvelous none-the-less! My patience was tried a bit in the intervening time and there are definitely still glitches to work out, but it is certainly close to what we were trying for.