Vera Wong’s Unsolicited Advice for Murderers (Book Review)

Vera Wong’s Unsolicited Advice for Murderers (Book Review)

I listened to this fun romp while I drove paintings around our state and went to show openings. It was recommended by a former Sunday School student of mine. I found it to be particularly engaging on audio.

I thoroughly enjoyed this cozy mystery, and listening as the main character blossomed into finding renewed purpose in her life.

My minor beefs about the book centered mostly around this 60 year old being repeatedly referred to as an “old woman.” This myopic blunder was clearly made by a very young author. I also wasn’t convinced of why the dead body actually found its way into her tea shop. And furthermore, I anticipated the ending, so there were no surprises there. For these minor reasons, I give this book only 4 stars,.

There is a sequel to this title coming, which I will read, and there is also a movie in the works. You might enjoy this non-important book as a bit of what my friends call a “palette cleanser,” to be read for a bit of fun between more edifying content.







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  1. KE 3 weeks ago

    Thanks! Sounds like a nice treat to listen to while weeding and mulching….

  2. Isabel 3 weeks ago

    I loved this quirky little book for the very positive effect Vera had on everyone! Fun and different. Shame on me for not for figuring out the murderer.😊

  3. Meg+Hanson 3 weeks ago

    I found the same “old person” situation in the book “A Man Called Ove”. He was described as old and acted like a cranky old man, but he was also around 60. NOT old!!

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