Food in New York City

Food in New York City

Food in New York City

Food in New York City comes in an intriguing array of possibilities, ranging from outrageously expensive to street food, or bagels with a smear. The three slices of bacon above were $18, which I didn’t have, but I did order as a special treat a $36 plate of scallops– shown first below– and was stunned when only three came along with ice cold cherry tomatoes. Somehow that made that $10 side dish of french fries seem like a better deal? As a cook, I find this all amazing because I know what it costs to cook food without this real estate (or image) mark-up. I’m sure it costs more to hang bacon from clothes pins, right? Anyway, see here my food photos from my visit to NYC earlier this month.

IMG_6425  IMG_6424  IMG_6697  IMG_6476  IMG_6451  IMG_6427  IMG_6686   IMG_6448  IMG_6430  IMG_6417  IMG_6702  IMG_6590  IMG_6462  IMG_6428  IMG_6698  IMG_6479  IMG_6454  IMG_6437  IMG_6390  IMG_6700  IMG_6477  IMG_6472  IMG_6442  IMG_6699  IMG_6637  IMG_6471  IMG_6441  IMG_6727  IMG_6611  IMG_6467  IMG_6452  IMG_6387

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