Layered Scribbles by Others

Layered Scribbles by Others

I was encouraged by the out pouring of interest in my Layered Scribble post the other day. I’m not the only one ready to do something easy and fun to jumpstart my artistic practice, post holiday.

After your comments, I went on the internet to see some other artist’s scribbles. Turns out, you can find a lot.  Many of them are marvelous, or at least instructional. The images pictured here are by luminaries like Joan Mitchell and Jane Davies, but also by unknown artists as well.

A scribble is a common denominator – “any child could do that”– which is why it seems so accessible and worthy of exploring when we need to get back to basics, in an undemanding sort of way.

I hope you are out there trying your hand at it! Approach scribbling with mindful noticing and inquisitiveness, and let one thing lead to the next by asking questions. This will not only lead to you to discover what marks you like, but will also provide a thorough meditation, from which you’ll emerge renewed and refreshed.











Layered Scribbles by others


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