Overcoming Difficulties (Quote from Samuel Greenwood)

Overcoming Difficulties (Quote from Samuel Greenwood)
Overcoming Difficulties Quote by Samuel Greenwood Daniel in the Lion’s Den (pastel) by Polly Castor

“What Bible student does not pause at the story of Daniel’s deliverance from the lions, to admire his lofty courage and unshrinking allegiance to the right? …Daniel knew that the lions could have no power over him unless it were given them of God, hence he could face the seeming terror and prove its unreality.  …Without one’s consent, nothing outside of his own thoughts can prevent his prosperity or bar his progress.

We are prone to think that our difficulties lie in the circumstances, the conditions, or the environments in which we find ourselves, when they really lie in our lack of the knowledge of God. Instead of battling with evil persons and things, as they seem to us, we should strive to overcome the sense of evil in ourselves; for we can have no worse enemy than ignorance of God. …The vital point for us is to learn more of Truth, to become more Godlike, to realize more clearly the presence of the infinite.”

by Samuel Greenwood, 1908

close-up detail of Daniel in the Lion’s Den painting by Polly Castor
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  1. Sue Krevitt 9 months ago

    Wonderful Illustration of this Great Story…or, Proof of God’s Care when we stick to the truth!!
    (Though the Care is ongoing and continuous, we f-e-e-l it when we stick to it, huh!!)


  2. Sue Krevitt 9 months ago

    Oh, and p.s. I am a big fan of Samuel Greenwood! Thanks again.

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