Hike Photos from Huntington State Park (May 2023)

Hike Photos from Huntington State Park (May 2023)

Hike photos from Huntington State Park

Hike highlights this month were baby ducklings, lady slipper orchids, water snakes, and green, green GREEN!

We’ve also been enjoying a string of perfect weather lately.

I hope you are hiking where you are.

Here are photos of my rambles this past  month…






















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  1. Dilys 1 year ago

    Lovely, Polly!
    We are dog sitting this week so plenty of walks in local haunts. Blossom is everywhere and the insects are very busy!
    I’ve noticed things this year that I haven’t previously taken note of! That is really special and maybe your blog has helped in that regard.
    Thank you. X

  2. CAROLYN EMERSON 1 year ago

    I enjoy the abstraction you focus on in nature – it’s always fascinating and beautiful to behold!

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