Guadeloupe (Day #4: Terre de Haut)

Guadeloupe (Day #4: Terre de Haut)

Isle de Haut photos, Les Saints photos

We raced first thing in the morning for an early ferry to Terre De Haut, barely making it because the parking lot was barred off and we had to run for it on foot, leaving our car in a questionable neighborhood. On the ferry we had a great view of the mountain range we’ve been hiking, and were headed to the islands we had seen from the top of the volcano, which we’d seen the cruise ships going to.

We shared a hand held quiche, and opted not to get a moped as most people did, walking the island from stem to stern on foot. This allowed for all these photos, but heading up an hour long 45º incline, we had a chance to both rue that decision, as well as all we had decided to carry with us for the day. However, watching those same mopeds careen down those steep hills in the other direction, made me feel we had made the right choice after all; at any rate we got a lot of exercise.

We settled in and snorkeled at a lovely inlet with greenish water near a basalt mound, and saw parrot fish, tubular coral with fluorescent yellow mouths, barracuda, spiked purple urchins, and lots of smaller black and yellow stripped fish. It was quite an idyllic spot, complete with chickens walking on the beach. You can see my short video of the place here.

Walking down the steep hill back into the most touristy town of our trip, I hugely enjoyed the most wonderful, memorable, passion fruit gelato ever, improved I’m sure by being so overheated and active. There was the most gorgeous golden hour as we awaited our return ferry, and we braved a very windy deck to witness the changing hues of the seascape sunset.

Returning to find our car thankfully safe and sound, we drove to have tuna pizza and with salted caramel for dessert, before heading back to our AirBnB.
































































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  1. Joyce Alluan Ades 1 year ago

    Enchanting! What a fairy tale mother and daughter experience!

  2. John+gregory 1 year ago

    Thanks for sharing these

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