Flowers in our Yard (Early July Photos)

Flowers in our Yard (Early July Photos)

Photos of early July flowers in our yard

Here are the flowers that are in our yard right now. My husband gets all the credit for growing them, but I certainly take up the mantle of appreciating them and playing with them!

Mostly here you’ll see the earlier hydrangeas (different ones coming later) and the day lilies. You’ll also see rose campion, rose, hosta, catchfly, stock, larkspur, allium, phlox, and bee balm. The hydrangeas are having a particularly good year, especially the pink one which our church gave us on the passing of my mother. I’ve never seen it so vibrant or so full.

Enjoy this wander around our garden, and I hope you are relishing the beauty wherever you are as well.


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  1. Patricia Duke 4 years ago


  2. Patti 4 years ago

    Photos are so inspirational. Gardens are so inviting. Lovely.

  3. John gregory 4 years ago

    Who let YANKEES have hoistas, hydrangas, and phlox? Ain’t fittin! Ain’t fittin!

  4. Diane Mandeville 4 years ago

    Thank you for bringing your hydrangeas into my home. The other flowers are lovely too, but hydrangeas are SPECIAL.
    Many thanks.
    ~ Diane

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