Bits and Clips for May 2020

Bits and Clips for May 2020

Bits and Clips for May 2020

This Bits and Clips post is a monthly blog feature where I share the best that I saw, read, heard or watched on the internet that month. I hope you find something in the links and many memes here, that inspires, educates, challenges, encourages, sobers, motivates, humors, or intrigues you.


The art of being alone: how Friedrich, Hopper and Gauguin paint isolation

Gee’s Bend Quiltmakers

Man Raps Dr. Seuss

Household Color Wheel

The Scatt’s Last Sail


Sheltering in God | David Jeremiah

Mastering Fear of the Unknown

Bringing Our Prayers to the Threat of Contagion

O Gentle Presence


An Incalculable Loss

How to Have a Fun Conversation Again

The Trump Administration Is Reversing 100 Environmental Rules. Here’s the Full List.

A 3-Step Cure for Digital Packrats, and How to Know If You’re One of Them

Zen Mind: How to Declutter

3 Simple Habits That Will Boost Your Productivity

Simple Living Manifesto: 72 Ideas to Simplify Your Life

Finding Purpose In This Pandemic: Use This Crisis To Reset Your Life


What Happens to Powell’s Books When You Can’t Browse the Aisles?

Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin | Top 5 Takeaways (ANIMATED)


34 Movies, Docs, and Series to Educate and Inspire During COVID-19


The End of Meat Is Here

Lentil Soup with Turnips and Dill


Are You Judging or Loving?

Muddied but Whole

I Most Miss…

and Hope:

Founder of Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods transfers business to employees

This African champ spells success e-m-p-a-n-o-p-l-y

Don’t Be Afraid to Fall: Brené Brown Addresses The University of Texas at Austin’s 2020 Graduates









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  1. John gregory 4 years ago

    Wow…will save cause I love it all.
    Dr Seuss rap is wonderfully clever!

  2. Sue Krevitt 4 years ago

    Polly Castor! You bring me joy!
    And hope!
    Laughter! Color!
    Enrichment! Fun!

    THANK YOU for Reflecting Our Soul
    So Wonderfully!

    Sue Krevitt 😊💓

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