For God is All-in-All (poem by Ethel Margaret Soden)

For God is All-in-All (poem by Ethel Margaret Soden)

Our God is all-in-all poem by Ethel Margaret Soden

For God is All-in-All

I cannot have sickness, for God is my health.
I cannot have poverty; He is my wealth.
Divine Mind alone is my source of supply;
In meekness, the treasures of heaven are nigh.

I cannot be weary, or fretted with pain,
For matter is mindless, sensationless, vain.
God never made suff’ring; He never made hate.
Could ever the sunshine the darkness create?

I am not despondent, for He is above,
Around me, beside me; I live in His love;
I move in the strength of His infinite might;
My being is one with omnipotent right.

I cannot be fearful, for whom shall I fear
When man, in His image, is everywhere near?
If all that there is be the work of His will,
His children have only to know, and be still.

God’s wisdom is mine for the needs of each day;
His guidance to show me the rocks on the way;
No evil can touch me; no harm can befall,
For He is my Father, my Mother,—my All.


by Ethel Margaret Soden (as seen here)


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