Photos of Albuquerque (Hotel, Sunsets, and Flowers)

Photos of Albuquerque (Hotel, Sunsets, and Flowers)

Hotel Albuquerque

I’m here in Albuquerque for the International Pastel Convention taking classes all week. While I finish up my only two day workshop, and post about it tomorrow, I thought I’d share my other photos so far of the environs.

Two neighboring hotels here are housing the people for the convention. The Hotel Albuquerque (photo above and most below) is where the convention takes place. I’m staying there in a bizarrely large corner room on the third floor with two TV’s (first two photos below; it’s big enough for a whole yoga class to inhabit comfortably). And Chaco is the neighboring hotel that has the lovely roof top bar, with the good views, that you can see in other photos.

The flowers here are lovely too, and whatever that bush with the small, yellow flowers is, it smells magnificent. The hollyhocks are taller than me, and it’s been a while since I’ve seen such a nice sunset.

I’m up and ready for another day of class! Sending you all love and hugs.



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  1. Julie Yates 5 years ago

    Glorious photos! I am loving them!

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